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Tony An album for sale!
보아 ☆ foxy
windup_bird wrote in house_of_trust
Hello hello! I have Tony An's "Believe" album up for sale for anyone that's interested :)

Some Notes:
> These prices do not include shipping costs but the price of the shipping is still the responsibility of the buyer. These costs will be based on where you live! I live in the US and, yes, international shipping is pricey. Not my fault! Please take this into consideration when buying.
> Items will be sold on a first come first serve basis. This is NOT an auction. Once I receive your money I will ship the products out on the next day I am able (usually no more than a day or two) and not before.
> Paypal is the fastest way to get money to me. However, I am willing to wait for checks, money orders, and (if you have no other method) concealed cash at the risk of the buyer. If I don't receive the money, you don't receive the product. Sorry.
> If I don't hear back from you about the final price within a week I will consider the sale null and void and the items will no longer be on hold.

Tony An Believe Album $10

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what the hellll, you're so cool! you like backstreet boys AND hot!

you could also try selling this on oldskool_kpop & kpop_merch if you'd like!

hahaha thank you :) I've tried selling it at kpop_merch but I didn't know about the other community. I'll try there too!

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