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Images | Woo Hyuk
Outsider ♦ Maestro

A compilation of various news shots, credit to: felix the dancer, onpics.

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Icons // 15
BEAST ♦ Hyunseung ♦ Wife

x15 H.O.T (Hee Jun, Kangta solo, Tony JTL)
and 81 others
96 icons

WARNING: some naked.

New Roleplay Comm

This roleplay centers around world entertainment with a mix of asian and non-asian muses giving muses a chance to mingle with people they may not have normally thought of meeting. It's non-au but not so strictly that asians and non-asians wouldn't be able to interact easily. The purpose of the comm is to give a home to any entertainment muse out there. Any muse involved in the entertainment industry in any way is allowed so whether you're a solo artist, in a pop band, a rock band, an actor or model and god knows what other possibilities there are you are welcome here regardless of nationality.


FIC: Creep 1/2 Jae Won
Title: Creep
For oulan from My request page (feel free to make a request yourself).
Fandom: H.O.T
Pairing: Jae Won, TonHyuk, and some surprises
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Jae Won is a creepy bastard.
Word Count: 1415

( Creep )

Tony An album for sale!
보아 ☆ foxy
Hello hello! I have Tony An's "Believe" album up for sale for anyone that's interested :)

Rules and pricing under the cut.Collapse )

Selling RARE H.O.T items.
Please come visit!
Selling most of my H.O.T collection, including some rare & old items.


Thank you for your time! ♥

H.O.T Drabbles
TonHyuk - "Tired" - PG
Word Count: 303

( Tired )

JaeNy – “Date Night” - PG-13
Word count: 343

( Date Night )

Pictures // Kangta in the army
BEAST ♦ Hyunseung ♦ Wife
Some are older, some are more recent. ^^

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Credit: kangta.com.cn

Icons // 14
BEAST ♦ Hyunseung ♦ Wife

x10 Tony Ahn
x4 JTL & Jang Woo Hyuk
and 58 other non-H.O.T icons
( 72 icons )

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Moon Hee Jun update


Hee Jun arranges for new singers to dine together

Moon Hee Juns H.O.T pictures becomes the hot topic

Moon Hee Jun has a princess bed

Radio Transcriptions in English:

Moon Hee Jun 04/09 radio show interview

Moon Hee Jun 04/11 radio show interview


Hee Jun 04/03 SBS radio show

Hee Jun 04/04 SBS radio show

Fantasy Best Friend 04/06 (Full episode)

Hee Jun 04/07 on Melon Radio

Hee Jun 04/09 radio show

Hee Jun 04/09 Mnet Wide News

Hee Jun 04/10 radio show

Hee Jun 04/11 radio show

Hee Jun 04/11 on Ast'1 show (W/Subs)

Hee Jun 04/12 Cultwo Show (audio only)

Hee Jun 04/12 KBS Star Recipe (W/Subs)

Hee Jun 04/15 on Power Time