Anrui / H.Giel (xuicidequeen) wrote in house_of_trust,
Anrui / H.Giel

Moon Hee Jun update


Hee Jun arranges for new singers to dine together

Moon Hee Juns H.O.T pictures becomes the hot topic

Moon Hee Jun has a princess bed

Radio Transcriptions in English:

Moon Hee Jun 04/09 radio show interview

Moon Hee Jun 04/11 radio show interview


Hee Jun 04/03 SBS radio show

Hee Jun 04/04 SBS radio show

Fantasy Best Friend 04/06 (Full episode)

Hee Jun 04/07 on Melon Radio

Hee Jun 04/09 radio show

Hee Jun 04/09 Mnet Wide News

Hee Jun 04/10 radio show

Hee Jun 04/11 radio show

Hee Jun 04/11 on Ast'1 show (W/Subs)

Hee Jun 04/12 Cultwo Show (audio only)

Hee Jun 04/12 KBS Star Recipe (W/Subs)

Hee Jun 04/15 on Power Time
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