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Magical Notes (click) is a roleplay community based in Harry Potter Verse (the world, not the story), but with all Asian characters. You are allowed to claim any character that is part of the Asian Entertainment world (this includes bands, solo artists, actors, models, etc.). The community is just starting up so there are still plenty of characters available!

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2 Advent Children
2 Ajoo
5 Anna Tsuchiya
33 DBSG (10 ChangMin, 8 Group/pairing, 1 JaeJoong, 13 YooChun, 1 YunHo
31 H.O.T (10 Hee Jun, 2 Kang Ta, 1 Tony An, 18 Woo Hyuk
5 KAT-TUN (5 Nakamaru)
2 Kim Min Seon
5 Kwon Sang Woo
3 Lee Seung Gi
31 Shinhwa (5 Andy, 6 DongWan, 4 Eric, 9 HyeSung, 7 JunJin
3 SS501 (3 Jungmin)
20 Super Junior (1 Dong Hae, 3 Ee Teuk, 1 Han Geng, 1 Hyuk Jae, 3 Kang In, 1 Ki Bum, 3 Kyu Hyun, 4 Sung Min, 3 Group/pairing


1 Hee Jun
1 Olivia Lufkin
1 Shigeaki Kato
1 Tony An
2 YunHo

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FIC: Obsession 1/1 JunTa

Title: Obsession
Genre: H.O.T
Pairing: JunTa
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): smut
Disclaimer: I do not own Hee Jun or Kang Ta.
Beginning Notes: This was for a contest on White Angel Literature. Whoo. Hope I can win (i doubt it~ but here's to hoping). Comments are appreciated. Posts are locked on my comm after a few days. All you have to do is join but not watch so the posts don't show up on your flist unless you want them too. :D
Word Count: 2432

( Obsession )

Register for Moon Hee Jun's fanclub (2008)

SidusHQ posted news on how to register for Moon Hee Jun's fanclub, I've translated it from Seasonhot's translation so it is VERY rough. If anyone can fill in the gaps or correct me, PLEASE DO.

Original sorce: SidusHQ
Chinese translation: HERE (If you know Chinese, please take a look and help out with my translation)

[Application times]

February 18, 2008 (Monday) ~ on March 7, 2008 (Friday)

[Membership dues + activity time]

- Membership dues: 35,000 won (About $38USD)

- Deadline: 1 year (Or, that's how long your membership lasts)

* (http://www.sidushq.com/star/mhjun) issues date of an announcement a year from the official website

* The possibility of the deadline may vary

[ Methods to Join]

- Bank account number: 1002-636-210172

- Swift Code: HVBKKRSE

- Account address: WOORI BANK CHUNG DAM DONG BR.

- Amount: 35,000 won

- To: You Chang Woo

- You may use on-line banking, telephone, ect. Please keep any documentation you receive

- You must complete your application in the time given, starting February 18, 2008

- Benefit 1: You may participate in public broadcasts, and in activities

- Benefit 2: Official fanmeetings

- Benefit 3: (I have no idea)

- Benefit 4: You will get a membership card and light stick

(1) Fans from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Japan, ect may participate

(2) You will recieve official goods (Meaning you will not have to participate in an activity to recieve goods, they will be mailed to you)

(3) For overseasa fans, please pay your fees in the correct amount in your own currency (if you need help, please consult your local bank)