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Welcome to house_of_trust, a community on livejournal for the former Korean pop group H.O.T (High-Five of Teenagers). In this community you can post graphics, articles, media files, fanfictions (Anything that involves any member of the group. Solo, new projects, anything).
Feel free to advertise your communities if, once again, it pertains to any member of H.O.T, JTL, Solo (ect).

• No Flaming. There’s a difference between one’s opinion and just being rude. I trust you to know this difference.
• All graphic under cuts. I allow one teaser picture for photo posts. And one to two teasers for icons. This is to keep members’ friends page looking neat.
• Friends Only - Any media links, nothing else is needed to be put under a friends only cut. The only reason this is a rule, is to keep outsiders from coming to the community and dling anything they want and leaving.
• Remember to credit the graphic makers in here. It’s really really rude to take something and not credit the artist. If this happens, and you are asked to credit the artist, and don’t, you will be removed from the community.
• You don’t have to know H.O.T/JTL (ect) to join, but please have some sort of interests in learning who they are.
• You are free to post a welcome post. You don’t have to, but it helps people learn who you are.
• You can post any information you wish as long as its related to the boys.

Communities of Interest: kangta_nation, moonheejun, j35
Affiliates: jekkiforever

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